Surprise discovery will add to cost of downtown road construction

LEWISTON, ID - Downtown road construction in Lewiston ran into an unforeseen problem that will likely add to city expenses, however it's not expected to add to the overall time of completion.

Construction crews working on the Fifth Street construction project discovered a deep bed of fill material that put a halt to their work. On Tuesday the Urban Renewal agency approved a measure to spend the money necessary to add an extra six inches of base rock, however the cost cannot exceed $30,000. There are three options that the Urban Renewal agency could have approved and even though they're going with the suggestion from TD&H Engineering, no performance guarantee is expected to be given by the contractor.

"This particular section, I haven't asked the contractor whether he would warranty it or not, but I would be surprised if he did," said David Witthaus. "Because were talking about building on top of an unknown subsurface condition.

Once the final cost proposal from the contractor is received and approved, road work will resume. Time is of the essence because next Tuesday is expected to be one of the last paving days before winter.