Sutton Salvage taking steps to help prevent theft of scrap metal

LEWISTON, ID - Local recycling companies want to deter thieves from bringing stolen property to their businesses and are taking steps to make that happen.

Personnel at Sutton Salvage are considering changing their system so that customers will have to wait an allotted amount of time before the full lump sum of cash is given for an item. Currently they pay for an item and then if the item is stolen, the company is out of luck. Pacific steel has 12 cameras in use at all times and are hoping they'll soon have the ability to attach a customer photo to their corresponding paper work.

"Buying stolen property is something we want to minimize as much as possible," said Manager of Pacific Steel & Recycling, Russ Taylor. "It's something that plagues all recycling companies everywhere and we're all trying to do the best we can to not lose money and to survive."

Recyclers remind you that taking stolen property to be recycled is not a victim-less crime and it affects a wide range of people. They also ask that if one of your items has been stolen, it's important to stop by and provide a description so they can keep a look out for the item.