Swimming hours extended starting April at Asotin Co. Family Aquatic Ctr.

CLARKSTON, WA - The Asotin County Family Aquatic Center is expanding hours of operation another ten hours starting in April.

Director Nick Bacon said starting on April 7th, the pool will be open Monday through Friday from 11:30 to 1:30. The ability to expand their staff hours comes after voters passed a tax to fund the center. Pool staff are listening to requests from the public to expand swimming hours.

"We see a very large concentration of people right at 3:30 when the doors open for the evening session, and of course we are hoping this alleviates that," said Bacon.

In order to facilitate the afternoon hours, more staff members are being hired. Bacon said as part of the hiring process, they're offering lifeguard training, something they haven't been able to offer since 2004.