Syringa Mobile Home Park owner faces criminal charges for noncompliance

MOSCOW, ID - The owner of the Syringa Mobile Home Park east of Moscow is facing charges from the Office of the Attorney General for the State of Idaho for neglecting to provide their residents with clean drinking water.

The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality Engineering Manager, Michael Camin said the DEQ has been advising the Vancouver, Washington based property owner Magar E. Magar of the violations since January 2013, but nothing has been done to fix the issues. He said the Attorney General recently filed a complaint in district court, and the DEQ continues to advise the residents not to consume the water.

"The major concerns right now that are viewed as a significant public health threat are disinfection of the system and depressurization of the system," said Camin.

Camin said the wells have unsafe chlorine levels, and they've seen frequent depressurization over the last couple months, which can cause further contamination. While the Attorney General's Office takes care of the civil case, the DEQ will continue its efforts to work with the property owner and bring the system into compliance.