Taser gun has become effective tool for Clarkston Police Officers

CLARKSTON, WA - Tasers are an important tool for law enforcement officers, which provide a safer alternative to guns with bullets.

Police tell us when and how they're used, plus our very own reporter Veronica Miracle gets tased and explains what it feels like.

"That one hit the upper chest area and then the other one dropped at that eight degrees," said Clarkston Police Dept. Officer, John Morbeck.

Just from the sound of this Taser gun, it makes you want to duck and cover.

"Many times just the mere sight of the Taser is just enough to gain compliance," said CPD Police Chief, Joel Hastings.

But a common misconception about electronic control devices, made popular by the brand Taser, is they are a lethal weapon. But that's not the case.

"Tasers have come under a lot of fire and they've done a lot of research a lot of backing and shown that it's a safe alternative," said Morbeck.

Police Chief Joel Hastings said his department has deployed a Taser only six times this year. He said since they started using them ten years ago, Taser usage has declined. And to ensure safety newer models come with cameras.

"The reason behind the camera is that covers not only the person being arrested but also the officer," said Morbeck.

There are two different ways to be stunned. You can get shot with two prongs that poke into your skin. Or with direct contact to the voltage kind of like a stun gun.

"That's what it's designed to do," said Morbeck. "Disrupt all the motor function so basically you lose control of everything and they drop."

Right now we have a Taser and it is connected to either side of my ankle. And so it's going to be concentrated in just this area.

Being stabbed in my ankle bone. You could feel it all the way into the bone. Very painful. I would recommend complying with officers because that was not fun.

We do want to mention, kids don't try this at home! The tasing took place in a controlled environment with trained professionals.