Tax Filing deadline is Monday 4/15

LEWISTON, ID - Tax return season puts a lump of change in some people's pockets, and takes a bit away from others.

But as the season draws to a close, H&R Block receptionist Rose Ramierez said many last minute filers are making their way over to the Lewiston business.

"We're still getting them today," said Ramierez. "It's been a mad rush, the telephones are ringing."

And those who don't have their paperwork together by April 15th, which is Monday, could be facing some penalties.

"It gets a little hectic," said Ramierez.

Ramierez, who's been through 15 years of tax returns with the company says people who have a balance due to the IRS should make a payment by Monday.

"They're going to be liable for that," said Ramierez. And there's going to be a penalty in interest for that."

If not, you can file an extension. But that has to be in by Monday also. Ramierez said they'll be open Sunday, and have extended hours for Monday as well. While some paperwork takes awhile, she says many won't face extended waiting.

"It just depends on the extent of the return," said Ramierez. "Yes, some of them get out pretty quick."

The mad rush in many of the businesses that specialize in tax returns can be accredited to several reasons according to Ramierez.

"I have to pay, so I wanted to wait," Ramierez. "And some had an emergency and it just went right by them. But most of the reasons is 'I didn't realize.'"

"I just had a lot of stuff going on," said client Byron Rudolph.

Other clients like Robert Homer says he didn't have a choice.

"The people that report my investments don't get the job done until late in the year," said client Robert Homer.

Many tax return organizations, including those online, offer audit protection services during the time of your filing, in case you are ever audited.