Telephone calls have increased in the region from computer scammers

LEWISTON, ID - Computer scammers are hitting the region hard and some people are becoming victims to their crimes.

"We're sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed," says a telephone message.

That's about as far as Robert Bergeron and his wife got when trying to trace the origin of their computer scammer.

"She said that the windows program that we had on our computer had a virus in it," said Bergeron.

The Bergerons, of Lewiston are a classic example of high tech theft. Wednesday morning they received three separate phone calls, one from the British Virgin Islands, pretending to be an IT representative from Microsoft.

"She wanted us to turn the computer on and type these numbers and letters in," said Bergeron.

Katie Sauve a customer service representative from The Computer Guy in Lewiston, said never give out information over the phone unless you know exactly who you're talking to.

"One of the big things to remember is no software company is ever going to call you," said Sauve. "So if someone calls and says they are from windows, that's not a legitimate phone call."

She said over the last year they've seen an increase in computers brought in because of these types of situations.

"And sometimes they have ill intent where they're trying to access your banking account or something like that," said Sauve.

Luckily the Bergerons didn't give away any information, and got away without a trace.

Sauve also recommends asking the caller for their full name and identification number. Let them know you'll call back, once you've verified their information. Usually they'll disconnect the line if they're scammers. And if they're not, the company will understand you're just covering your bases.