Testimony from Perini's fianc heard at Michael Wilson attempted murder trial

LEWISTON, ID - The second day of testimony in the trial for a man accused of attempted murder is now over.

The prosecution team picked up from where they left off, as they called witnesses who paint Michael Wilson as the man who they say kicked in the door of a home and fired a single shot from a handgun at Christopher Perini.

However the big testimony of the day came from the fiance of Christopher Perini, Astahna Holt. The prosecution told the jurors that if it wasn't for Holt pushing Wilson, Christopher Perini would have likely been shot. Holt said she was briefly knocked out when Wilson kicked the door in.

"I was hurting pretty bad and I had blood all over my face and all over my shirt," said Holt.

"Do you recognize that?" asked Defense Attorney.

"Yes, I do," said Holt.

"How do you recognize that?" asked Defense Attorney.

"This was the shirt I was wearing," said Holt.

The state is expecting to call witnesses until Wednesday. After the state rests its case, Michael Wilson's attorneys will then lay out their side. The defense did try to talk about what they deemed as 'accommodations' Holt received for her testimony, however the judge did not allow it.