The crowd was stompin at American Idol winner's Taylor Hicks performance

LEWISTON, ID - Hundreds of people were give the unique opportunity over last weekend to see a true American Idol.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio sat down one-on-one with Taylor Hicks and tells us what the superstar's been up to since the show.

It's not everyday that an American Idol comes to Lewiston, so follow me and lets go enjoy the show!

Season five American Idol winner Taylor Hicks brought down the house with his energetic stage performance and soulful music.

"I think it's country soul, it's lots of roots, it's road house," said Hicks. "You know there's a lot of blues and soul."

How do you keep the energy going on stage. I mean you've been performing and performing. How do you keep that energy up there?

"Well I think it's all based on the crowd," said Hicks. "If the crowds into it, you can play all night!"

The show stopping event is just part of the busy schedule Hicks has been launched into since winning the popular FOX TV show.

"I am now currently headlining my own residency in Las Vegas at the Paris hotel," said Hicks. "So in between breaks I usually go out and tour and I love being at the Clearwater Casino."

Is there one song specifically that you are going to sing tonight specifically speaks to you that you're gonna play tonight?

"Probably maybe you should is a ballad that I wrote that is a love song that's near and dear to my heart," said Hicks. "I love singing it every night. It one of my favorites."

Through the sound of each piano every note he sings in front of sold out crowds everywhere. The American Idol winner shows that the sky is the limit.

"Opportunity creates luck and so if you take every opportunity you can ultimately find that one break you have to seize the moment for sure," said Hicks.

A moment that he is not taking for granted.

"It's changed my life for certain" - "Anything else you want to add?" "Soul Patrol"

Merle Haggard will perform out at the Clearwater Casino next month.