The English language learning program at Franklin Elementary is recognized

PULLMAN, WA - According to The Washington State Board of Education, Franklin Elementary School in Pullman has one of the top English language learning programs in the state.

The board of education recently created the "English Language Acquisition Award." It recognizes schools that excel in educating students whose first language isn't English to bring their English skills to a proficient level.

"I think the most exciting thing is just knowing that the kids are progressing, and knowing that the students are getting to the point where they can function in an English language school as rapidly as possible," said Franklin Elementary Principal Bill Holman.

Franklin Elementary has almost 400 students and about 20 different countries are represented in the student body. The board of education looked at the school's median point gain on the 2012 to 2013 Washington English Language Proficiency Assessment, and awarded the top five-percent of elementary, middle, and high schools. Franklin Elementary was one of 42 schools across the state to receive recognition.