The forecast looking good for Idaho Chinook Salmon run

LEWISTON, ID - Good news for fishermen and women, Chinook Salmon numbers are higher than average as they start to enter our region.

Salmon are headed up the Columbia River and preseason forecasts show Chinook Salmon numbers have sharply increased from last year. Clearwater Region Fishery Manager, Joe Dupont said now is a great time to do some fishing, as more than 3,000 Chinook passed through lower Granite Dam in the last two days.

"Those fish can get to Lewiston in one or two days," said Dupont. "So that big pulse of fish is going to be hitting town right now. So we suspect that fishing is really going to pick up and the numbers are just going to keep climbing for the next ten days."

Dupont said ocean conditions greatly impact the amount of Chinook we see each year. Each region does has different rules on how many fish you can keep, so make sure you check those before heading out to the river.