The Gem State celebrates 124th Birthday

MOSCOW, ID - Friday the entire country celebrated America's Independence Day, but we don't want to overlook the fact that today (Thursday) is a significant anniversary for the State of Idaho.

The Gem State was established on July third in 1890, which means the state is 124-years-old today (Thursday). To commemorate the anniversary of Idaho's statehood, we asked some people who live here why they love Idaho.

"I love the seasons," said U of I student Jacob Iverson. "There's four seasons. And I love the people here."

"I say this to a lot of people, I'm actually a Midwesterner originally, and I think so many people move to the northwest because people are equally as friendly here, but the climate is so much nicer," said Latah County Historical Society Executive Director Dulce Kersting. "And there's no mosquitoes, which is essential at this time of year."

Sounds like it's all about the people and weather. Idaho is the country's 43rd state, and while it's the 14th largest in terms of land mass, it's the seventh least-densely populated state in the nation.