The government shutdown has affected 800,000 Idaho federal employees

LEWISTON, ID - Washington remains deadlocked as it wraps up it's 14th day of a partial government shutdown.

According to Idaho's Congressional Delegation,many are in favor of it continuing.

The Idaho Congressional Delegation said their offices are receiving calls two to one in favor of continuing the government shutdown until Obama Care is defunded. Republican Senator Mike Crapo said there's significant negotiation going on despite the political battles.

Republican Representative Mike Simpson said congress needs to find a comprehensive solution or it will continue going from one fiscal crisis to the next. The government shutdown has put an estimated 800,000 federal employees out of work.

And in continuing coverage, Idaho is one of the states being hurt the most by the government shutdown. A report by the USA Today said the Gem State comes in at number 9 of the hardest hit. The report is based on several factors like federal contracting deals and Social Security recipients.

Virginia was listed as the most negatively effected state.