The Guns on Campus bill that Gov. Otter signed protects Idaho citizens' constitutional rights

MOSCOW, ID - In continuing coverage, we spoke with Idaho Governor 'Butch' Otter about the Guns on Campus law when he was in Moscow for the Republican State Convention last month.

Governor Otter said state laws already gave people the right to carry on campus, and it was the universities that made policies prohibiting it. He said this new legislation is beneficial because it protects citizens constitutional rights while requiring people wanting to carry on college campuses to go through extra training to obtain an enhanced carry permit.

"I believe it's a positive thing," said Governor Otter. "It enhances our standing on the Second Amendment in the state of Idaho. But it also recognizes that those folks that feel like they need to have protection will have the protection."

Otter signed the bill into law last March, despite the fact that leaders from the state's universities all opposed the bill.