The impact of ALS Ice Bucket Challenges is overwhelming in the L-C Valley

LEWISTON, ID - People around the world are spreading awareness about ALS by taking part in a popular Ice Bucket Challenge.

The viral campaign has already led to record donations for the ALS Association. Reporter Carol Zinke takes a look at the impact our area is making.

The ALS Association is the only national non-profit organization fighting Lou Gehrig's Disease across the globe. So far this year, they've raised more than $31-million in donations, compared to the almost $2-million raised during this time last year. Leaders from the association said the Ice Bucket Challenge has a lot to do with that. There are more than $600,000 new donors making a difference.

Faculty and staff from Walla Walla Community College challenged three local businesses to help out a great cause.

"Obviously we said yes, because this is right up our ally, between supporting community events and doing things that help a good cause," said Inland Cellular spokesperson, Chip Damato. "We enjoy doing them."

"Now that we've been challenged we're also challenging three other businesses," said Damato. "We're challenging KLEW, the Lewiston Tribune and City of Lewiston administration and staff."

Damato said Inland Cellular is making a big donation to ALS. So is the Lewis Clark Valley Chamber of Commerce and King Services in Lewiston.

"I think the main thing is bringing the awareness to ALS, generating a little more hype regarding the disease," said King Services Owner, Paul Markwalter. "Donate what you can and continue to promote the awareness."

All donations go toward helping people with ALS and their families, and research programs focused on the discovery of treatments and a cure for the disease.

"We challenge Cannon's Building Supply, Home Depot and Floor Coverings International...don't forget to donate!" said Markwalter.

You don't need to be challenged to make an impact. You can donate to the ALS Association anytime online. You'll find a link on the KLEW News facebook page.