The Institute for Women's Police Research ranks Idaho 45th in women's wages

LEWISTON, ID - Achieving woman's equality in the job market is proving difficult in the Gem State.

According to The Institute for Women's Policy Research, Idaho ranks 45th overall when comparing the ratio between men and women salaries. Women make up more than half the workforce in Idaho, however they only earn about 73% of what their male counterparts earn on average.

Idaho Dept. of Labor Regional Economist Kathryn Tacke said locally the numbers are similar.

"They also sometimes make choices that do affect their long term earnings," said Tacke. "One of them is many women choose to stay home and take care of their kids when they're little. In general parents that do that will find that when they get back in the labor force have to work a little harder otherwise you're perceived as having lost some of the job skills."

Women locally make up less of the workforce than the statewide average, Tacke said that's due to the demographic and more retirees in the area.