The Memorial Day holiday weekend also kicks off the summer travel season

LEWISTON, ID - Today (Friday) is the official start of the summer travel season and people are either headed out for a variety of trips or they're starting to make their summer plans.

Carol Zinke reports on everything from camping in the L-C Valley to taking an elaborate trip to an exotic destination.

You don't have to go very far to find a relaxing and scenic spot to enjoy the holiday weekend. Hell's Gate State Park will be flooded with eager campers this weekend. Ranger Charlie Chase said that they're expecting 55-plus-campers and that'll fill up all three campgrounds.

"Our park will be full, all the campsites will be full, all eight cabins are booked and a lot of our shelters will be full this weekend," said Chase. "There'll be graduation and birthday'll just be a very bust weekend."

Chase said there's a lot to do at the park this summer.

"There's plenty of things to do," said Chase. "People like to walk their dogs, bird watch and have picnics. We have tons of boating out on the river and people are very excited to get out on the river."

And now that its getting warmer outside people are in the frenzies of buying or updating their RV's. Norm VanNess is Lewiston RV Centers General Manager. He said they stay pretty busy... but Memorial weekend is one of their busiest.

"We're pretty much busy all year long because of the type of true four-season off road trailers we carry," said VanNess. "But definitely right now when the weather gets nice our traffic increases tremendously. Most of our people go back in the deep woods or off-roading and those are the types of trailers we sell the most of and it seems to be what's moving fast right now."

You'd think with the ability to plan your whole vacation online, travel agencies would be suffering, but Martha Pierce who's the Vice President for Map Travel Company said that it's the direct opposite. She said some people believe they'll get the best deal online, but that's not always true.

"We're finding that a lot of people will do their research and they're much more informed about locations and things that they want to do," said Pierce. "That makes it easier for us to help people figure out what's best for them."

Pierce said the most popular trips she's booking for this summer are cruises around Europe.

Now that the economy is improving, people are looking into more elaborate vacations that are father away from home.