The Moscow mayoral position is one of the biggest races in Moscow

MOSCOW, ID - Former City Council member Bill Lambert is running against Mayor Nancy Chaney, who has held the position for eight years now.

I had the chance to speak with both of them about what changes they'd like to make in Moscow over the next four years.

On November fifth, Moscow voters will be asked to chose between their current mayor

"I'm finding that the job of Mayor is well suited to my skill set," said Moscow Mayor Nancy Chaney. "I'm invigorated more and more every day, and I'd like to continue the momentum that we have generated."

And longtime Moscow resident Bill Lambert.

"My expertise is management and getting people together, talking about things, and getting things done," said Mayoral Candidate Bill Lambert. "And focusing on the development itself here in Moscow."

Nancy Chaney has served as the mayor of Moscow for eight years, and she has a background in nursing and environmental science. Lambert served on the City Council for four years, as well as the Planning and Zoning Commission and Moscow's Board of Adjustment. Both candidates said they want to help Moscow grow, but their attitudes towards the city's current economic situation differ.

"We are doing surprisingly well relative to others around our state and around our country, and this is a really advantageous to come and invest in Moscow, Idaho," said Chaney.

"Our growth has been very stagnant for a while, we're growing in very small portions here in Moscow, and University of Idaho has no growth over the last ten years," said Lambert.

And so do their ideas for the future.

"I'd like to see the Southeast Moscow Industrial Park Develop so that we can diversify the economic base, and so that we can create jobs in that sector for manufacturing and assembly," said Chaney.

"We're losing businesses, we don't have any car dealerships here any longer, and so that's the kind of businesses, we need to stop that leaking and have businesses stay here in Moscow," said Lambert.

There are also three open positions on Moscow's City Council this year. Four candidates are competing to fill those spots, and we'll bring you their candidate profiles later this month.