The Moscow Police Dept. is trying to improve its public safety services

MOSCOW, ID - The Moscow Police Department is preparing to be reviewed by a National Accreditation Program with hopes of improving its public safety services.

Monday night the city council gave Moscow Police Chief David Duke the go-ahead to pursue a membership with the 'Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies' or "CALEA." Chief Duke said "CALEA" is a non-profit corporation that works with law enforcement agencies across the country to improve the department's practices while increasing efficiency and accountability.

"Having somebody else check you out from time to time is not a bad thing, just to make sure that you're not missing something along the way," said Moscow City Council Member Art Bettge.

"The biggest selling point to me is the reduced officer risk," said Moscow City Council Member Walter Steed.

Chief Duke said the Moscow Police Department qualified for an initial fee waiver, which saved the city more than $10,000. However, the enrollment and on-site assessment will cost the city an estimated $5,000 over the next three-years. They'll also have to pay $4,000 a year for the membership once they're accredited, but it'll be a couple years before they're eligible for that membership.