The Roller Derby Dames entertained to raise money for Gladish

PULLMAN, WA - Some of the toughest girls on the Palouse will strap on their skates Saturday night to raise money for a good cause.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin explains why the Rolling Hills Derby Dames are holding a fundraiser for the local community center.

The Rolling Hills Derby Dames are gearing up for their next big "bout" at Beasley Coliseum.

"We're going to kick some butt on Saturday," said Rolling Hills Derby Dames Board Member Kristine Masonrock.

These derby girls don't only compete they entertain.

"It's just a blast," said Masonrock. "We're going to have live music, roller girls, crazy outfits, crazy makeup, belly dancing. It's just going to be a lot of fun."

And at Saturday's doubleheader, they'll be having fun while helping the community.

"We are actually raising money to redo the floors in the Gladish Community Center." said Masonrock.

The Gladish Community and Cultural Center has been a gathering place for people on the Palouse since 1997.

"We bought the old Pullman High School and we turned it into a community center," said Gladish Cultural and Community Center Board Member Richard Domey. "The building is used, I won't say 24 hours a day, but certainly 18 hours a day. We probably serve an average of 400-500 people every single day in the building."

Multiple day cares and Spokane Falls Community College call Gladish home. It's also the venue for many celebrations, recitals, and yes roller derby practice.

"Very multicultural," said Domey. "We have a lot of different organizations that use the building, and we're kind of proud of that."

As a focal point in Pullman, this building takes a beating And the Derby Dames are raising money to improve the cultural center that serves the entire community.

"It is the heartbeat of Pullman," said Gladish Cultural and Community Center Executive Director Donna Gwinn.