The Swon Brothers charm fans with their incredible harmonies

LEWISTON, ID - A very talented pair of brothers visited the L-C Valley Sunday night.

They are known as The Swon Brothers and they're hit single "Later On" is in the Top 15 on the country radio charts this week.

It's not every day that stars as huge as the Swon Brothers come to our area. They're not only known by country music fans, but by the entire world after being on the hit TV show The Voice. Here is a little bit about how they got to where they are today.

"The way we auditioned was our old keyboard player in Oklahoma actually talked us into splitting the gas and going on a random road trip," said Swon Brother, Zach. "Glad we went!"

"We're playing Swoncerts, we call them Swoncerts, everywhere," said Swon Brother, Colton. "It's crazy. It's every day, and I love it."

"We didn't know that 'Later On' was going to be our first single," said Zach. "We just picked an up-tempo song and it shot to number one on iTunes that night and so basically the fans picked the first single."

"Our album is coming out in the fall," said Zach. "It'll be this year, in a few months we're hoping."

What is it that they love the most about coming to towns like Lewiston?

"For me, it's that you feel like you know everybody," said Colton. "You step of the plane or bus wherever you go, and even today when we were coming in off the plane, some people that we rode in with today are coming to the show tonight so it's just a good feeling."

The next big name heading to the Clearwater River Casino will be Sara Evans. That concert is on August 16th.