The U of I Women's Center celebrated women's equality with Fem Fest

MOSCOW, ID - Women's Equality Day was Tuesday. It commemorates the 19th Amendment which passed in 1920 and allows women to vote.

Friday the University of Idaho's Women's Center celebrated that historic achievement with Fem Fest.

The event hosted, of course, a voter's registration table on campus as well as free snow cones, popcorn, music, and interactive booths.
But even though it was a feminists fair, it wasn't just for women.
It was to promote feminism in everyone!

"People's definitions of feminism vary tremendously and for us it's someone who believes in the political, social and economic equality of all genders," said U of I's Women's Center Director, Lysa Salsbury. "And I say all genders We're not just limiting it to men and women but everyone should have equal opportunity and equal access and that's what we're all about."

The Women's Center currently has opportunities for internships, volunteering and service learning for students. For more information call 2088852777 or email the Women's Center at