There's a high need for blood so roll up your sleeve at Inland Northwest Blood Center

LEWISTON, ID - Chairs are empty at the Inland Northwest Blood Center in Lewiston, and leaders from the center said they're in dire need of blood.

The center is the only supplier of blood to hospitals in the valley and Moscow Pullman area. 35% of their blood supply comes from high school and college students. Now that school is out they're experiencing a huge shortage.

Gretchen Kramer is an assistant manager at the blood center in Lewiston. She said the Fourth of July holiday is the busiest time of year for blood donations.

"Most people don't realize that it's the blood already on the shelves that we need in the time of an accident to save a life, not the blood donated that day," said Kramer. "So, if we can encourage donors to come in before trauma strikes that would be great."

You have to be 16-years-old to donate, and weigh at least 120-pounds. One blood donation can save up to three lives.
There are blood centers in Lewiston, Moscow and Pullman.