'Thin The Threat' firewise efforts underway on Craig Mountain

WAHA, ID - As the warm, dry days of summer quickly approach reducing fire threats and improving the overall forest health is a priority.

For the past three years the Idaho Department of Land, Idaho Fish and Game, and Nez Perce County have been working extensively on Craig Mountain. Thinning trees and removing noxious weeds and insects, is not only improving the habitat for wildlife but also benefiting land owners who constantly worry about the threat of forest fires.

Idaho Department of Lands Public Information Officer, Mary Fritz said that a much greater emphasis is now being put on forest health.

"It's very important that we all work together," said Fritz. "The insects, disease, wildfires, they know no boundaries and working together we can use our funds in a more resourceful way."

Work is expected to be finished this summer within the Craig Mountain Wildlife Management area. Right now there are about 20-acres left to 'firewise' within the Waha Park area.