This is the last weekend to get spooked at Haunted Palouse

PALOUSE, WA - Every year, hundreds of people head up north to the small town of Palouse for a legendary Haunted House experience.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin shows us what it takes to put the three-part fright fest together, and explains why it's been a success for more than a decade.

When it comes to haunted houses, the scariest place on the Palouse is here in the town of Palouse.

"Haunted Palouse is a lot of fun for the people who come to it, but also for those of us who put it on," said Haunted Palouse Coordinator Janet Barstow. "It entails two haunted houses, and a haunted hay ride, and we have fortune tellers as well, which is all included in their admission price."

For the last twelve years, a group of devoted volunteers have spent the month of October transforming this small town into a series of haunted attractions.

"I think the community involvement is really what make it special here," said Haunted Palouse Coordinator Eric Slocum. "It's all a community service situation, and we get to use the buildings here in the small town."

"Mostly I do it because it's a ton of fun, but it's a great fundraiser for non-profits," said volunteer Jens Hegg.

This year the proceeds from this fright fest will go to the local Lions Club, the community center, and they'll help build the town's first skate park.

"I can't imagine anyone who lives in this town who does not benefit from the proceeds of Haunted Palouse," said Barstow.

Volunteers say it's a challenge to put together, and to make sure everyone is able to enjoy it.

"We work all day, all weekends, and many nights during the week," said Barstow.

"Usually coming up with a theme, and then working from there," said Hegg.

"We're always thinking while we're building how to get everybody one way or another," said Barstow.

"We get the girls from the college come over and they really scream and holler and have a good time," said Slocum. "And even some of the big tough guys."

"We're good, that's why we're still doing it after 11 years and still making a good proceeds for our community," said Barstow. "Cause we're good, it's worth coming to Haunted Palouse."

If you want to check out Haunted Palouse, you have two more chances to do it. They'll be open Friday and Saturday night from seven til 10 PM.

You have to be at least twelve-years-old to go through Haunted Palouse, and tickets are $15 for all three attractions. If you go, remember to bring cash because credit cards aren't accepted.