Three people arrested in connection to Donavin Stapert

MOSCOW, ID - The Whitman County sheriff's office has made arrests of three people associated with the disappearance of a Malden teenager who was reported missing earlier this month.

Investigators believe that 17-year-old Donavin Stapert died at a home in Malden on March 7th, the day before he was reported missing. According to authorities, his body was moved to an undisclosed location. Three people have been arrested in connection to the boy's death. James Ramson, 30, of Spokane is in custody at the Whitman County Jail for unlawful disposal of human remains, rendering criminal assistance and possession of methamphetamine. Chastity Barkhuff, 38, of Malden is also at the Whitman County jail on charges of controlled substance homicide, providing a controlled substance to a minor and rendering criminal assistance.

Police is Missoula, Montana arrested 44-year-old Bobby Bilderback of Malden because Whitman County authorities had a warrant out for his arrest. This case remains under investigation, and anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Whitman County Sheriff's office at (509) 397-6266.