Three Pullman businesses busted for selling alcohol to minors

PULLMAN, WA - The Washington State Liquor Control Board recently busted three Pullman businesses for selling alcohol to underage people.

Last month, the agency ran a compliance check of 13 businesses in Pullman that sell liquor. Dissmore's, Jim's Market and Don's Midway Grocery sold either beer, wine, or spirits to investigative aids working for officers.

"We've been trying to increase education and awareness and training for the businesses, and overall they're doing a pretty good job," said Pullman Police Commander Chris Tennant. "But again, the standard is 100%."

The Pullman Police Department was not involved in the state-run investigation, but they conducted their own compliance test of ten Pullman businesses about a week later.

Safeway was the only establishment that failed. Pullman Police said that the vast majority of underage drinking in Pullman happens when people over 21-years-old purchase alcohol for younger friends. However, eliminating sales of alcohol to minors is taken seriously because authorities have determined there is a correlation with increasing crime rates and underage drinking.