Threshing Bee proves educational for city slickers, farmers alike

COLFAX, WA - Every Labor Day the Palouse Empire Threshing Association hosts a "Threshing Bee" to show people what harvesting was like a hundred years ago.

This is a forty-year-old tradition that occurs at the Palouse Empire Fairgrounds, about five miles west of Colfax. Sunday's rainy weather prevented them from harvesting anything this year, but they were still able to fire up a few of the old-fashioned machines.

"Oh we're trying," said Palouse Empire Threshing Association President Tom Hennigar. "We're going to try and run the push-header a little bit. We've got the separator going with the steam engine and do what we can do."

The rolling hills of the Palouse were very difficult to harvest before motorized farm equipment was invented because farmers had to deal with 35 to 40-degree slopes. The Palouse Empire Threshing Association hosts this free event every year so the community can enjoy learning a little about the region's history.