Thueson files civil lawsuit against City of Lewiston

LEWISTON, ID - Former Lewiston Police Detective, Andrea M. Thueson filed a ten page lawsuit against the city on Wednesday, alleging two counts of breach of contract, one count of breach of good faith and fair dealing, and one count alleging violation of whistle-blower protection for public employees.

She's asking for an excess of $10,000 in damages from lost wages and benefits. The former detective also wants to be re-instated to the same position she had, and be paid back any and all trial expenses.

Thueson was fired for dishonesty and not obeying authority, back in October when the hearing committee upheld her termination from the Lewiston Police Department.

"I know she's trying to move forward, she's trying to find other opportunities," said Attorney Richard Cuddihy. "She's going back to school to try to educate herself further and make herself more employable but when your terminated from a law enforcement job it's a little bit more difficult than being terminated from other jobs."

A jury trial is being requested by Thueson, and Judge Jeff Brudie has been assigned to the case. Lewiston City Attorney, Jamie Shropshire said that the city will do whatever appropriate to defend in the lawsuit.