Thueson's attorney says she will likely appeal decision

LEWISTON, ID - After a two day public appeals hearing, a three person panel upheld the firing of a Lewiston police detective on Monday.

Detective Andrea Thueson was terminated on September Sixth for charges of dishonesty and insubordination after the department discovered she'd obtained documents in correlation with the two-year-old disciplinary matter pending against Lewiston police officer Rick Fuentes

Defense Attorney Richard Cuddihy argued that her termination violated the written agreement between the City of Lewiston and the Lewiston Police Department and that since the panel did not vote to reverse the charges, his client likely appeal the ruling to Second District Court.

"It wasn't a very fair process that my client went through this entire investigation," said Cuddihy. "The actual hearing is probably one of the most biased, prejudicial panels I've ever had to present anything to."

Cuddihy said he had not been notified of the panels decision until he received a call Monday night from the Lewiston Tribune that the panel's legal advisor, Don Roberts announced the decision.

Lewiston Police Chief Steve Orr said he "thought the members of the appeals board did a commendable job of sorting through the superfluous information in determining the facts in making the correct decision in this matter."