Timber Creek Grill & Buffet closed their doors in Lewiston

LEWISTON, ID - More than 35 people lost their jobs unexpectedly Thursday as a local business closed down.

Timber Creek, General Manager Diana Schuit said that the Timber Creek Buffet closed their doors suddenly, in order for Ernie's Steakhouse to begin renovation on the building.

Countless Timber Creek employees contacted KLEW about this incident and their biggest question was, "Why they weren't told about the closure prior to them locking their doors?"

"I found out by one of my co-workers who texted me, asking me if I heard what happened," said former hostess Haley Hanks."I said no. And she told me that none of us have jobs."

"They thought they were secure in their lease, but apparently the lease did have some loop holes with the new owner coming in for the property," said Schuit.

Ernie's Steakhouse is expected to be up and running within 30 to 45 days. Schuit said that if employees are wondering about their paycheck or have any further questions they can contact the Timber Creek Buffet in Spokane. There's been no discussion about severance pay at this time.