Time has run out for filing 2011 taxes

LEWISTON, ID - Tuesday marked the final day to file your tax returns.

At H & R Block Income Tax Services many people appeared to be waiting till the last minute to pay Uncle Sam. Procrastination seems to be the common theme for most people waiting to file their taxes.

"A lot of times preparing taxes means doing homework ahead of time and people don't like to do that homework," said tax preparer Lewis Ruff.

"We have about 12 or 15 appointments today for people who haven't even started their tax return," said H & R Block manager Millie Ingram. "A good portion of those will get an extension because the staff just can't handle it."

If people are late on filing their tax returns they could face up to a 25% penalty from the IRS.

"A lot of people are just natural procrastinators," said Ruff.

"I thought I would be early, but I wasn't, I'm late again," said Tax filer Peggy Brown. "I'm one of them late people every year."

Filing early allows tax preparers to view your tax situation more thoroughly, helping avoid mistakes or miss anything important.

"People seem to think they can run in and out in 15 minutes and the tax return can be done," said Ingram. "Unfortunately, it can't. There's a lot more to it than that."

Although many people choose to wait until the last minute to turn in their paperwork, it doesn't seem to be as big of an issue for H & R Block Tax Services in Lewiston.

"We're glad to have all people who come in to do their taxes, even if they come on the last day, at least they get them in on time." said Ruff.

If you still haven't finished preparing your taxes and you don't think you'll be able to beat the clock, you are urged to file for an extension in order to avoid penalties.