Tips can save gas

LEWISTON, ID - With gas prices approaching all-time highs this time of year, AAA said there's things you can do to save at the pump.

We've all heard the normal tips like properly inflating tires, making sure your car is tuned up, and slowing down. But how about making sure your gas cap is tight? That prevents evaporation. Parking in the shade can do the same thing. How about lightening the load? Remove any heavy objects you don't need that day. Gently accelerating or braking can also help.

"There's one reference from the (U.S.) Department of Energy that each five miles per hour over 60 miles per hour can result in an additional 24 cents a gallon in gasoline used," said AAA Idaho Public and Governmental Affairs head Dave Carson. "If you think in terms each time you step on the gas pedal it can have an impact on when you fill up."

AAA also has a mobile app. that can compare gas prices at over 100,000 gas stations nationwide. It uses GPS technology to find stations near you.