Tires with good traction are important for winter weather driving

MOSCOW, ID - As if Mondays aren't tough enough already, the Palouse woke up to thick fog and icy roads Monday morning and it looks like the winter weather will continue over the next couple of days.

The Washington State Patrol advises drivers to use extreme caution in foggy conditions because when temperatures fall below 30 degrees, there's a good chance the fog is freezing and turning into ice on the roads. Making sure that your car is ready for the winter conditions is also important.

"The biggest thing is, as far as motorists out there, is to be prepared," said Washington State Patrol Sergeant Mark Baker. "And the biggest thing that we run into is tires being bald, or not a decent tire."

WSP said that some of the most serious accidents happen when a car with bald tires accelerates up an icy hill, loses control and spins into another lane. You can prevent that from happening by making sure you never use the cruise control when driving in winter weather conditions.

WSP would also like to remind drivers that they will be cited for causing a collision, even if the driver loses control due to inclement weather.