Top dogs turn out for Lewiston All Breed Dog Show

LEWISTON, ID - Tuesday marked the final day for the Dog Fanciers and All Breed Dog Show at the Nez Perce County Fairgrounds.

More than 120 breeds competed from all over the Northwest since Friday as part of a four day competition to win either best of breed, obedient levels and/or points to become a champion dog. Each dog is judged on their make-up from head to toe based on their breed.

"This is our nine-month-old Samoyed," said Dog Shower Ken Granacki. "He finished his championship yesterday. He won three straight shows and he is now a champion at only nine-months old."

In order to become a champion dog, you must earn 15 show points with at least two major wins. Winning a show is worth three points or more, and is considered a major win. The two major wins must come from different judges and at least one of the other wins must be from a third judge.