Top scams that made the IRS "Dirty Dozen Tax Scam List"

LEWISTON, ID - Last week we told you about tax scams law enforcement officers and tax preparers are urging you to keep in mind this tax season.

This week we're taking you through some of the top scams that have made the IRS's "Dirty Dozen Tax Scam List" of 2014.

Every year the IRS compiles a list of things to watch out for and avoid during tax season called the Dirty Dozen Tax Scams.

Identity theft tops this year's list of terrible scams. An identity thief uses a taxpayers name, social security number and other personal info to file a tax return. Then they'll claim the refund that you're entitled to. If you've recently lost personal information or had it stolen, you should contact the IRS to secure your tax account.

Number two on the list of the dirty dozen is pervasive telephone scams. People pretending to be IRS agents, try to get money or personal information by telephone. If someone claiming to be from the IRS calls you, then respectfully hang up the phone and call the IRS at their direct line to see if you really have a tax account issue. (1-800-829-1040)

Some scammers use Phishing as a way to lure customers. They'll create elaborately fake websites that pose as a real tax return help center. Or send out un-solicited emails asking for your information. Know that the IRS does not contact taxpayers by any electronic form of communication.

Other forms of scams on this year's list include scam artists posing as tax preparers or tax preparers who use fraudulent information on your behalf. Hiding income overseas is something the IRS is keeping an eye on. Scammers pose as charitable organizations to falsely offer tax-deductions if you make a donation. False claims, abusive tax structures and misuse of trusts also made that list.

To take a closer look at the whole list of the 'dirty dozen' head to our facebook page for a link to the list by the IRS.