Traffic congestion spurs change in city of Clarkston

CLARKSTON, WA - The congestion near Bridge Street is a problem spot local leaders are trying to fix.

Reporter Veronica Miracle shows us the different options they're looking at to tackle the issue.

The congestion along Bridge Street is to the point of concern for local leaders. So the Clarkston Public Works Department called upon the L-C Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization for their help.

"The agencies will request that we do studies for them to help plan and get public input," said LCVMPO Director, Shannon Grow.

Director of the federally funded local MPO said what they found in their study was surprising.

"A few of the things we wanted to know was if we were to make some changes would that effect, especially at the Fifth and Fair, would that effect their shopping experience," said Grow.

According to Grow, because the local shopping area is a destination zone, people will try to get there no matter what...hence the constant congestion. Possible options for the area include adding a lane on the southbound side of Bridge Street. The second option similar to the first, would be to keep the five-point intersection but reconfigure the Diagonal Street lane. Both of these options would be considered short-term options.

The first of the long term options would reconfigure both the Diagonal Street Lane and the Bridge Street lane on the southbound side. Or a roundabout could be put into place. In terms of the Walmart and Costco congestion, the possibilities for allowing more access to the stores is under examination. The consultants took public comment until last Friday in regard to all those areas and Grow said they've received a lot of feedback.

"A third, a third and a third of we like the roundabout or we like the suggested four-way stop, or we aren't sure," said Grow.

Keller and Associates are the consultants on the de-congestion project. They'll be presenting their initial findings and recommendations to the board later this month."

The Washington State Department of Transportation would be the project sponsor of the Bridge Street project. The City of Clarkston would be the project sponsor for the 5th and Fair Street project.