Traffic study concludes a double roundabout at Fleschman Way Interchange

CLARKSTON, WA - A quiet town hall meeting Thursday evening focused on future roadwork plans for Asotin County.

Public Works Director Jim Bridges reiterated why the Fleschman Way Interchange is set to become a double roundabout. According to Bridges, the state conducted traffic studies along the road and found that an infinity shaped roundabout is the best option for the area.

They have the final say, so because we're trying to get traffic from Fleschman Way on the bridge deck, down to the State Highway," said Bridges. "And from the State Highway up on the bridge deck, so even though it's a county project DOT has the final say so."

Bridges said there were originally six options the county and the state were looking at. But ultimately the Washington Department of Transportation rejected putting in a signal, an on/off ramp and several other options, leaving the roundabout as the best choice.