Tribal Court resumes murder case against Raymond Scott Jr.

LEWISTON, ID - A 37-year-old Lapwai man,facing murder charges,made a passionate plea in Tribal Court that he remain locked up.

Raymond Scott Junior was arrested more than a month ago for the alleged killing of a Lapwai man. However unrelated charges in Nez Perce County prevented Scott from appearing in Tribal Court. Scott's Defense Attorney Ken Nagy said now that those charges have been handled, the murder case can now move forward.

"I'll be asking the judge to review the bond," said Nagy. "Right now Mr. Scott is being held without bond and I'll be asking the court to set a bond on him."

An unexpected turn of events took place in the courtroom Thursday afternoon, as a tearful Scott informed the judge he does not want to be released on bail. He spoke, against the advice of his attorney, telling the judge that he agreed with the prosecution's request to deny him bail because he understands the seriousness of the crime.

Based on the evidence, presented by the prosecution, and Scott's request, the judge ruled in the favor of the prosecution and Scott remains behind bars.