Triumph Lane Fire's active flames subside and under control

CULDESAC, ID - The Triumph Lane Fire near Culdesac stands at
30% containment Wednesday evening, after burning down six structures in it's path.

KLEW News learns why firefighters believe the worst may be over.

"Triumph fire standby," said firefighter.

Firefighters took a breather Wednesday at the Triumph Lane Fire, following a scary couple of days of battling the fire near Culdesac.

"Currently there's no real active flames," said Incident Commander Gene Phillips. "We just have creeping and smoldering fire in certain pockets of brush."

Phillips said that the 675-acre fire destroyed six structures, two of which were homes. The blaze burned through steep and rough terrain. Despite the difficult firefighting conditions, many of the evacuated residents of the area are already back in their homes Wednesday night as firefighters have the worst part of the wildfire under control.

"Currently the fire we have at 30% contained," said Phillips. "That was as of last night's shift, and with the operations we have today, we're hoping for 50% containment by the end of today's shift."

Besides the six structures that were ruined, ten other residents had mandatory evacuation notices yesterday as the situation was so dangerous their safety could not be guaranteed. But Phillips said many stayed back to protect their homes.

"Unfortunately with evacuations we cannot forcibly remove people from their homes," said Phillips.

Phillips tells us he expects to have total containment of this fire by Saturday."

George Grade and Kettenbauch Grade are still closed for at least another three days as firefighters continue mop up efforts. Only local traffic can access the road at this time.