Troy Community Pulls Together to Help Family After Tragic Accident

NEAR TROY, ID - A tragic accident took the life of a Troy area farmer Monday, during the middle of the wheat harvest.

While this family grieves, the community has come together with an outpouring of support to help them during one of the toughest times of their lives.

This is one of the busiest times of the year for wheat farmers, who are trying to get their crop harvested. For the Hokanson family, tragedy struck Monday when 43-year old Kreg Hokanson was killed in a truck accident.

Kreg was driving a semi truck hauling a grain trailer down the Kendrick Grade when the brakes on his semi truck failed.

The truck overturned and Hokanson was pinned inside the cab and was killed.

At the time, the Hokanson's still had 750-acres of wheat to harvest, but shortly after word spread about Kreg's death, members of the Troy area farming community started reaching out to Scott Hokanson to see if his family needed help.

"First he said, 'no,' we don't need your help," said Troy area farmer Darrell Hunt. 'We can get it.' And I said Scott, a few years ago my father had a heart attack and your dad was the first one to our farm with trucks and so I said we are willing to come over and put a combine and help you."

And word spread quickly.

Thursday, close to 40-people from Troy area farms showed up to help the Hockanson's with their harvest with their combines, trackers and themselves.

"I am tickled pink there are so many farms and people in this community who turned out to help a dear friend," said Hunt.

And it wasn't just local farmers helping out.

Primeland brought out trucks to haul the grain, Jones Equipment in Colfax brought a combine and Wilbur Ellis provided lunch for everyone.

Scott Hokanson said he is very touched by this outpouring of support.

"The people are here for my brother," said Scott Hokanson. "This is a special day for him and an honor to be helped like this. I told one person and here we are with 30-40 people and it's really special.

Scott said it would take a week and a half for him to finish the harvest, but with everyone's generous help, it'll be done Friday.

Many of the farmers helping the Hokanson's are in the middle of their own harvests, but they say this is just typical of how the Troy community comes together when a family is going through a tough time.

"The wind's out of my sails and these guys are here to lift me up today," said Scott Hokanson.