Troy Lions Club raises $50,000 for Fire Dept. building expansion

TROY, ID - The Lions Clubs International Foundation recently awarded $50,000 to the Troy Volunteer Fire Department to expand their fire station.

Yellow vests and large checks crowded outside the Troy Volunteer Fire Department Thursday afternoon for a celebration.

"I was jumping around, I couldn't wait to call people," said Troy Lyons Club Secretary Marie Vogel. "I couldn't dial fast enough."

The Troy Lions Club received a $50,000 grant from the Lions Clubs International Foundation to expand the town's only fire station.

"When the fire trucks pull out, if there's snow, there's no room in the alley for them to get out and they really have to squeeze," said Vogel.

"It's really crowded, we've got two other trucks that don't fit in the fire hall at the time," said Troy Volunteer Fire Department Chief Ron Stearns.

The station lacks room for their equipment, and for the emergency responders.

"Trying to get dressed to go to a call right next to equipment that was pulling out, and it was extremely dangerous," said Troy Volunteer Fire Department Treasurer Rob Kwate. "There's a spot over there where that mirror is, you can't even get by there."

But the tight squeeze will soon be a thing of the past. And it's all thanks to the grant, and the support of the community because the Lyons Club had to raise $50,000 before applying for the grant.

"We had raised $56,000 and some odd dollars by the end of March locally," said Vogel. "So thank you Troy!"

The Troy Volunteer Fire Department hopes to have the new addition to their station completed within a couple of months.