Two college students transported to emergency room for alcohol related falls

PULLMAN, WA - Washington State University doesn't start classes until Monday, but two students have already been sent to the emergency room with alcohol related injuries.

Both students were taken in an ambulance to Pullman Regional Hospital, but none of the injuries are life threatening. Pullman Police Commander Chris Tennant said that even though it's disappointing to see students suffer from alcohol related injuries this early, it's not surprising.

"There's still not a lot for them to do, there's no classes in session, and so alcohol seems to be a big part of their environment at this time," said Tennant.

The first incident occurred around 10:00 Wednesday night. A female fell found a second story fire escape at the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity. Police said she injured either her wrist or ankle, and they believe she had been drinking. Early Thursday morning, a male student fell down a flight of stairs at Stubblefield's Bar and suffered a head injury. Police said he was drinking heavily because he was celebrating his 21st birthday.