Two drug arrests were made in problem area of city of Lapwai

LAPWAI, ID - A problem area within the city of Lapwai is getting some special attention.

Tuesday morning, two people were arrested for their involvement in drugs. Leslie McConville and her son Joshua Jackson now face charges. However this case is far from closed.

According to Tribal Police Chief Dave Rogers, the location where the arrests were made has been a problem area for the community. It was the same site where Raymond Scott is accused of killing William Reich in July of 2013. Rogers said tribal police will not stand for drugs that are starting to take hold in the community.

"Our department would really like to work hand in hand with the community and identify those folks that are starting to bring drugs in or try to promote drugs or sales of drugs within the community and we're gonna try to go after it," said Police Chief Rogers.

The Tribal Police Department has been building in terms of staff, skills and resources to address that particular problem.