Two face assault charges after pointing rifle at pedestrians on College Hill


Pullman police arrested three people after pedestrians were assaulted on Greek Row. At about 2:20 Friday morning, three males in a vehicle got into a fight with four pedestrians while police were investigating the fight, they received information that the people in the car were pointing a rifle at people earlier in the evening.

Police know of at least two incidents in the Greek Row area where that happened.

“We were able to look in the car and see portions of a rifle sticking out and through witness identification, arrest two of the people in the car for those most serious crimes,” said Commander Chris Tennant, Pullman Police Dept.

A search warrant for the suspect vehicle is pending and the rifle is said to be described as resembling an AR-15.

The three subjects arrested were Biran Williams and Marquise Leonard both from Pullman as well as Everett Davis, a 20-year old from Mineral, Washington.

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