Two separate fires at EKO Compost were from spontaneous combustion

LEWISTON, ID - Spontaneous combustion is responsible for two fires that broke out this week at a compost facility in Lewiston, however fire leaders said they think the problem has been solved.

Lewiston firefighters have responded to two fires at EKO so far this week. Many man hours and water went into fighting the blazes because of the fuels at the facility.

Division Chief Gaylon Waits said the problem is hopefully solved and no longer poses a threat to the public.

"They now, since last night's event, have spread those piles out over a larger area so that they're not real deep and that should resolve the issue," said Chief Waits. "And the operators are also going to have folks on hand and monitoring it more closely."

The company has stopped taking raw product at the facility is planned to close for good this December.