Two zebras arrive for appointments at WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital

PULLMAN, WA - Washington State University's Veterinary Teaching Hospital sees all kinds of majestic and exotic species on a daily basis, but Tuesday they treated an extra-special set of patients.

Two adult male zebras were brought in from a zoo on the west side of the state. Five-year-old Kenya was in for a foot trimming, while three-year-old Zig-Zag was in for a castration.

"So when we castrate the horse, it's just like neutering a dog, so this can help to reduce some of the aggression that the testosterone can produce," said Animal Reproduction Board Certified Specialist Doctor Lisa Pearson.

Pearson said the zebra will lose his ability to reproduce, but the veterinary college will freeze his sperm and use it for reproduction research at the university. Pearson said working on the zebra is a lot like working with a horse, but it can be more challenging because zebras aren't domesticated.