Tyler Mink waits for judge's ruling on charges of possession of child pornography

LEWISTON, ID - A former teacher accused of having child pornography is waiting for a judge's verdict as the second and final day of his trial wrapped up.

Tyler Mink is now awaiting his fate as both the prosecution and defense laid out their closing arguments.

"Mr. Mink knowingly and willfully possessed child pornography sexually exploitive material on January 17th here in the state of Idaho," said Nez Perce County Prosecutor, Sandra Dickerson. "And we would ask the court to find Mr. Mink guilty on all counts."

Mink faces eleven counts of possession of child pornography, all of which are felonies.

"We would ask the court to find Mr. Mink guilty on all counts," said Dickerson.

Defense Attorney Scott Chapman said the prosecution has failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mink intentionally possessed sexually exploitative material and cited his clients voluntary interview with law enforcement as an example.

"He indicated in that interview that when he found that, when he found that he tried to delete it, the child stuff," said Chapman. "When asked are you attracted to little girls? No. Are you attracted to that type of pornography? No."

Chapman goes on to say that the evidence introduced does match the definition given by law.

"Regardless of how one might feel about that, these pictures of young girls or boys just sitting there whether clothed or unclothed do not qualify or satisfy the definition of sexually exploitative material," said Chapman.

District Judge Jeff Brudie will hand down a ruling on Wednesday. Each count carries a maximum penalty of ten years in prison and, or a $10,000 fine.