U of I "Campus Conversations" forum focused on gun control

MOSCOW, ID - As the Gun Control debate heats up in Washington DC, University of Idaho students were invited to share their feelings about the controversy in a "Campus Conversations" forum Tuesday afternoon.

Students discussed things like the media's portrayal of gun violence, and gun control on campus. The students we talked to didn't seem to think that more federal regulations on firearms would solve the issue.

"I believe in gun rights all around," said U of I student Caleb Larson. "I think they shouldn't be able to tell us how many rounds we can carry in a magazine, I don't think they should tell us whether or not we can have "Assault Weapons" or not."

"What we really need to do is find a way to help people not be so violent and strike out violently," said U of I student John MacPhereson. "So gun control alone isn't going to help. We need a mixture of a lot of different things."

Currently, the U of I doesn't allow weapons on campus and students living on campus are required to store their firearms at the Moscow Police Department. Some students believe that changing the policy to allow people to carry guns would make the campus safer and allow them to protect themselves from potential shooters. Others say
that it's just too risky.