U of I celebrates 125 year anniversary of its founding date

MOSCOW, ID - The University of Idaho was founded back in 1889 as one of the first land grant universities in the nation.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin shows us how the U of I went all out to celebrate its 125th anniversary Thursday in Moscow.

"Bienvenidos a la celebracion de los ciento veinte cinco anos de esta universidad," said University of Idaho Student Vivi Gonzales.

The University of Idaho celebrated the 125th anniversary of its founding date on Thursday.

"As a first generation student from a small town in southern Idaho, I am proud to say I am part of this legacy of leading," said Gonzales.

Students, administrators, and local elected leaders showed their appreciation for the land grant institution.

"The University of Idaho, as far as I'm concerned, and as far as the city of Moscow is concerned, is the flagship of the state of Idaho," said Moscow City Council Member Wayne Krauss.

"Here in Moscow, and all across the state, we are part of something greater than ourselves that gives meaning to our lives," said Interim U of I President Don Burnett.

Burnett explained that the university has come a long way since the founding day on January 30th, 1889.

"On the first day when students came and appeared before the president and one other faculty member to start classes, there were no chairs," said Burnett.

Now that the university has nearly twelve-thousand students, a couple thousand employees, Burnett said the U of I will continue to prosper over the next 125 years.

"It is Idaho's national, land grant, comprehensive, constitutional, intercontinental, and interplanetary flagship university," said Burnett.

The 125th anniversary celebration doesn't stop in Moscow, the U of I will hold events in Coeur d'Alene and Idaho Falls later this year.